• Technical alerts

    Security threats come and go. But some viruses and vulnerabilities are so pervasive they feature on the evening news, causing a peak in calls to your support desk. Wouldn’t it be nice to broadcast a quick, concise statement clarifying the position to your contacts?

    1. Tweet, blog and email advice on major threats like Cryptolocker & Heartbleed
    2. Add value to IT support contracts
    3. Ease calls to your helpdesk with proactive alerts
    4. Ensure they hear about it from you
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Get your alerts out quickly, to the people that need them

  • Increase traffic to your site by linking to a blog post

    Use the content to publish a blog post and create a category called technical alerts. New prospects will see the kind of proactive advice you offer your clients.

  • Send email notifications to your contracted clients

    Add value to IT support contracts by sending email notifications to contracted clients. Keep them safe and remind them you have your finger on the pulse.

  • Reach out to your followers with relevant content

    Relevant, useful content is vital to the success of an on-going social media campaign. So once you’ve created your blog post, don’t forget to share the link.

  • Help us to help you – feedback welcome

    Your security alerts will have the greatest impact if you send them early, so we’re inviting you to tell us about the technical issues that are ‘trending’ on your helpdesk. We’ll do our best to act on your feedback, providing timely advice for your clients and prospects.

    The relevance of the ITMF Toolkit is achieved thanks to regular feedback from a growing community of UK support companies.